Saturday, June 14, 2014

1st Carowinds Trip!

Jeremy and I hadn't been to Carowinds in 15 years, but two weeks ago we took the kids for their first trip. We met my sister Wendy, Jake and Bethany and we had a blast! All schools were not out yet, so the crowd was pretty low. I didn't take many pictures because we were having too much fun!

We spent some time in Planet Snoopy riding lots of fun rides and getting dizzy on the balloons. The kids loved it and were really brave.

We spent a few hours in the waterpark and still didn't get to do everything. Jake and Jeremy rode one of the bigger rides and had fun. The girls love the splash pad areas and the small water float ride.

We ate dinner and then hit the rides again. The kids were so good and they were having a blast. We took 3 strollers so the kids didn't have to walk around the whole time. It was fun reminiscing about all the old rides and names of the rides.  

We left the park when it closed and our kids surprised us and stayed awake the whole way home. They were wired as was their dad. Jeremy stayed up so late after having a huge rush on the Intimidator.

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