Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Break Beach Trip

Our beach trips are getting more and more fun. The kids are sleeping better, playing more independently, and we are figuring out ways to do things more simply. This time we didn't even take out umbrellas and chairs and that made our beach time much easier. 

Within seconds of their toes hitting the sand, they were ready to dig holes.

Spring Break 2014

silly sisters

i love having a little boy that plays so hard. too cute.

There is a new butterfly exhibit at the aquarium this summer and it was a hit with our crew!

This butterfly is bright blue on the inside, but camouflages itself has an owl on the outside.

We went back to the butterflies after the aquarium.

Ferry rides are always fun!

Donuts for breakfast!

He was wearing his hat like this on the top of his head. I thought it was funny.

Running as hard as possible.

Feeding the seagulls is always fun.

We ate at sub shop everyday for lunch.

Sweet, clean kids after so much fun on the beach!

Quiet ride home!

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