Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ear Piercing

Bethany was ready to get her ears pierced and Haven wanted to go watch. On the way, Haven asked if she could gets her done if she thought she could be brave. I called Jeremy and he said yes.

Bethany was super brave and didn't shed a tear, so Haven thought she could handle it. 

She was being very brave, until....

 the first earring went through and her face turned back into a 6 month old.

Luckily, the nice lady was able to finish and Haven only cried about 5 minutes.

Then, she was happy and loved them, especially the bag she got with her cleaner and new earrings inside. These girls look so cute with their bling.

We had lunch at Zoe's.

Then we let the kids run around for a few minutes in the grass and Jensen ran out into the street and scared us all to death, so we left. :) 

Jovie really wanted her ears pierced too. She loved walking around Claire's looking at all of the fun stuff. I told her we should wait until she is 5 for her ears, so we will see if she can wait that long.

Thanks for the pictures Wendy!


  1. haha- her face really did turn back to when she was a baby.... bless her heart!