Sunday, March 2, 2014

Disney Cruise Day 4

Day 4 was our day at sea! We had a little later breakfast in Cabanas. The cereal and doughnuts were a hit.

When walked to the atrium to see some characters. Once again they would rather play than stand in line for pictures.

Tinker Bell

We checked out the sports deck. There was a basketball court and mini golf.

The kids played with the tiny pencils and score cards.

Daddy was checking out the views.

Jensen enjoyed walking in the middle of other people's golf games.

Mickey Mouse

Goofy and Max

The artworks was beautiful on the boat. This Nemo mosaic was unbelievable.

The kids loved the pools. There was always a movie, live dance show, or Disney trivia going on.

Grammy and Pop kept Jensen for a while and he took a nap!

Then he and Pop played.

The girls and a pelican.

Splash pad fun.

Jensen had his first experience with an ice cream cone. He was in love. He had more than 1 for sure.

Our last dinner was in the Enchanted Garden. 

Every night, our waiters did some type of word game or trick for us. Vladimir did this amazing balancing trick with a cork 2 toothpicks and 2 forks.

Then he added another toothpick and 2 more forks.

The girls danced their hearts out after dinner in the Atrium. The music was amazing with two singers and an acoustic guitar. The girl sang "Let it Go" one night and the whole room was singing along. It was so beautiful and she even let some of the girls sing in the microphone. 

After dancing, we went to the last show, "Believe." The girls enjoyed it so much as did all of the adults.   The Genie from Aladdin, Tiana, Cinderella, and Belle were some of the characters in the show.

We came back to another funny character and we were tired.

Jensen ended up in our bed most nights because he hates pack-n-plays. Once he figured out he could get comfortable and actually go to sleep it wasn't too bad.

The girls were so sleepy and they enjoyed their cool beds.

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