Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello Spring!

We are so excited about spring. We have had a cold winter. Not just a few cold days, but lots of super cold days. Even tonight, it is still supposed to drop to the low 20s. We have had a few gorgeous days, luckily the past few Saturdays. 

Amber sent me this pin (, the colors, designs, and styling is beautiful. Jovie brought home a huge sheet of finger paint today, so we made our own version of this garland.

This spot in our house gets amazing afternoon sunshine, which means whoever is sitting toward the window at dinner time can't see at all. Maybe this garland will help with that situation until the leaves come back on the trees.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Puppet Theater

Our creative girls wanted to make a puppet theater and our creative neighbor boys wanted to make a fort. The girls one. Mom and Dad helped too. They were thrilled and played with it for a while. Now it is on our back porch waiting for the warm days to come consistently for hours and hours of outside play.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Life Lately

Me- I feel like I am coming out of the baby fog. My spirits have lifted. I can focus on tasks. I'm enjoying my kids more. I'm ready to spend some extended time away from the kids with Jeremy. I am loving having personal training sessions at the Y. She is pushing me and it feels good. The kids are enjoying the Y too. I'm contemplating starting a garden this year. I'm just not sure where the best spot is here yet. At our other house, we had the perfect garden area and I can't figure it out here yet. I've been reading my books I got for Christmas and have two more coming soon. Also, I have been watching the "When calls the heart" series on Hallmark and I love it. I have met a lot of new moms, kids, families over the last few weeks and have even gotten to share our story of moving. It has been so refreshing and exciting.

Jeremy- He has been going to the Y too and found a group of guys that play basketball in the early mornings! That is really an answer to prayer.

Haven- She hasn't cried for us in the last few days when we have dropped her places! She has been swinging from a rope in our woods! She loved playing with lots of girl neighbors over the weekend! She is getting so big and is such a good helper. She has been coming to our bedroom a lot in the night and slept with us for some part of the night pretty much for the last week.

We had two visitors this morning.

She is in love with daffodils this year. She made this beautiful necklace all on her own today!

Jovie- This little 3 year old stinker, has been a mess recently. She has been sick, tired, and whiny. She talks in a babyish voice and barks orders. We need to start some stricter discipline with her soon. I can't believe we are at this point with her because she is so sweet and mannerly. I guess she is just getting smart and testing the waters.

Jensen- I weaned Jensen completely on Jovie's birthday. We had gotten down to just nursing at nap and bedtime, but it was time. He slept so much better last week. Now he has a cold and has a molar coming in, so he has been waking at night again the last few nights. He is climbing on top of tables, picking up heavy things, and talking constantly. He reads stories, blows kisses, mimics sounds, sings "let it go," and is using lots of words. This week he started saying: Pop, this, that, mama (for anything he wants), and Jake.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Big Snow for NC!

After a week in the warm weather, we came back to cold weather with a big snow. It started Wednesday afternoon, February 12th.

It got cold and windy quick. Jovie wasn't thrilled.

We made a horizontal snowman on Wednesday because the snow was too powdery.

We ended up having 6 or 7 inches which drifts of a foot in some areas by Thursday afternoon.

 It was beautiful and lots of fun, but by Friday afternoon we were glad to see the sun come out and melt the roads. We were ready to go for a ride after being home 3 days.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jovie is 3!

We started celebrating Jovie, Thursday, Feb. 20th, with a princess party at her request. She loves princesses and dressing up. 

Princess Party Banner

The girls helped me decorate for a over week. They kind of like parties just a little bit.

Jovie didn't have any requests for guests for her party, so we just kept it super simple with our immediate families and the Bradleys.

The weather was so nice, so these guys enjoyed the back porch.

She enjoyed opening presents and got so many nice things.

Peeps and Meme with Jovie and her Anna doll

Jensen and Pop were being silly as always.

She loved her Frozen pajamas.

On her birthday, the 24th, she woke up first and came to our bed. We talked a while and loved on her and then I made the most beautiful #3 pancake ever. haha She liked it anyway.

We got her a Mouseketools Playdoh set and she loved it. When Haven got up they started playing right away.

She celebrated at preschool on Tuesday with mini-cupcakes and then Tuesday night we had our final celebration at Tony's ice cream. I was in labor at Tony's 3 years ago, but I finished my milkshake anyway, so now that is our tradition for Jovie.