Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Disney Cruise Day 2- Nassau

On Day 2, we woke up to the Nassau port and it was really pretty. We had a few hours before our excursion, so we got on our bathing suits to hit the deck.

We enjoyed our balcony!

Jensen got pretty freaked out when we saw Goofy in the hallway.

The princesses were so beautiful, but the girls weren't interested in waiting in line to hug them.

The line for Anna from Frozen was not too bad, but the girls did want to meet her.

We then headed outside for our excursion to Atlantis.

Atlantis was a super fancy resort! It reminded me of things in Vegas.

We went on our tour the main parts of the hotel and then headed to the aquariums.

Pop checking out the lobsters.

One of our few family pictures.

Haven wanted to go on the beach so bad, it was so pretty.

Haven started taking pictures of Daddy.

Big Girl

We had lunch at the resort.

Headed back to the boat.

Atlantis from afar

We had an amazing dinner at the Animator's Palate.

Everything had a special Disney touch.

Grammy and Haven

Jensen loved feeding himself.

The girls loved their Mickey ice cream.


Grammy and Pop took the girls to see Frozen 3D while Jeremy, Jensen and I went to see the show about Villains. Jensen slept through the show.

We had a cute, little guy waiting for us when we returned.

Here are Grammy's Pictures from the same day:

Pop and Grammy kept Jensen for us while we waited in line for Anna.

Amazing bathrooms throughout the boat.

Silly people ready to get wet.

Nemo's Splash Pad was so fun for Jensen.

Jovie too!

The girls loved listening to our driver that was taking us to Atlantis. His Bahamian accent was pretty amazing.

The tour threw Nassau was nice. Pop asked lots of questions.


Jeremy was afraid Jovie was going to get her head stuck.

This is where we ate lunch.

Pop and Grammy

Dinner with 3 little ones was pretty crazy. The kids were tired and 4 course meals take a while.

The Nemo characters came on the screens all around the room and talked to us. It was really amazing and kept the kids entertained for a while.


The girls found Grammy and Pop's little creature.


  1. Haven seems like quite the photographer.. the pose Jeremy is doing is priceless! Also that last picture of the girls together with the towel animal is just precious... Jovie is smiling so hard.

    Just curious, did you get one room for the 5 of you or was there an adjoining room for the kids or something?

    1. We had a room that slept 5. We didn't sleep much. haha, but the room was really nice and plenty of space.