Saturday, January 11, 2014

Potty Talk

Well, after thinking Jovie might be ready for the potty at a few different times over the past year, she is finally potty trained. We started getting serious about it on December 19th. She seemed oblivious to her potty needs. Over the next few weeks we would take her whenever we could remember to and/or if she asked to go. We also started letting her wear pullups and panties some. It took a few weeks, but last Friday, January 3rd she only had one accident. She had one accident a day for a few days and then for the last 4 days she has been accident free. She is even going to the potty completely on her own without  prompting most of the time. She doesn't even need treats for reinforcements anymore. She has even been dry a few nights, but we are still putting her in pullups at night for now.

We are so proud of her. We knew she would do it well whenever she was 100% ready. There is no rushing this girl! Yay Jovie! Mom and Dad are so glad to only have to buy Jensen diapers for now on!

1 comment:

  1. Please get a picture of the face she makes when you ask her about pottying. It may or may not be the same face she makes when she is unsure. So precious and funny!