Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our house

Well, the house God has blessed us with and let us take care of, is a better way to describe it. A few years ago, Jeremy and I started feeling a pulling towards a simpler life, starting with being completely debt free. We are so blessed to only owe money on our house. We don't have car loans or college loans or credit card debt.

We know what the bible says about debt and we want to live fully and freely in the blessings of the Lord. So, we began to pray and fast about what to do. Over a year and a half ago, our prayers were answered in an unexpected way when we found out Jensen was on his way. We knew that our answer for that time was to let this unfold and not make any quick decisions or changes.

So, now that we have been a family of five for almost a year we have felt that tug again. We put our house for sale by owner in early August and this week we went under contract. It is surreal and exciting. We have started looking for our new house that we will pay for with cash! The girls are excited. I am a little overwhelmed because of all that has to take place by October 25th. However, it is such a wonderful feeling to know that we are walking on the right path for our family.

We are going to have our friend, Taylor, come take pictures of us playing around our house so we can keep the memories in pictures for the kids. It will be sad to leave our neighbors, land and memories, but we know that new memories will begin as soon as we pull out of this driveway.


  1. Wow!! Can't wait to hear about your new housing adventure!!!

  2. You guys ROCK! So excited for you!

  3. Congrats to yall!! You have such a lovely house that I knew it wouldn't be on the market long. Good luck house hunting!