Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fantastic Week!

I totally forgot to carry my camera around with me this week, but I need to write down all we did because we had so much fun!

Monday- Library and picnic at park

Tuesday-  Day at home, I think. I don't really remember.

Wednesday- Day at Lake Tillery with Cousins. We had a blast taking a boat ride. The girls swam and rode the jet ski. We had pizza for lunch with cookies and ice cream. It was just so fun. Then Bethany spent the night for the first time! I do have a picture of that.

Thursday- Bonnie, Wendy, and I went to The Rock Barn Spa for Wendy's 35th birthday. It was so amazing. I probably haven't felt that free since before I got pregnant with Haven. It was just amazing to swim at our leisure, get massage, swim some more, eat lunch outside by the hot tub, take a shower free from distractions, and then get pretty with me favorite people. I felt like a teenager, seriously! While I did all of that, Jeremy and Lyndsey took the kids, plus Bethany, to Discovery Place Kids and to Lupie's for lunch. They had a blast too. We went to dinner at McAlister's for Free Tea Day!

Friday- We went to the bank to put in the kids coins from Gramm and visited Haven's preschool playground. I went to the Electric Run with friends Friday night. We had a great time running in the dark. It was quite an experience with 20,000+ people in crazy costumes. We danced with our glow sticks and got home super late.

Saturday- Running group for me and it felt great to run 6 miles within 12 hours. That doesn't happen very often. The worship band plus families had a party at a church members lake house and it was wonderful. The kids swam again. Jeremy got to tube. These people were so nice and they had a beautiful home. Pretty much paradise.

We were so busy this week, but it flew by and we made great memories!

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