Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Camping and 30

We went to Dan Nicholas Park on Friday, after the rain subsided, for a camping celebration for Lyndsey's 30th birthday!

After lunch, we headed to the fun area of the park. We saw this pretty, barn owl.

Then the girls had there picture made.

The playground was so fun!

Jensen and I were planning on sleeping in our tent alone to get some rest. haha! I had a bad headache at bedtime, but thought i could sleep it off. Jensen woke up a few times due to loud campground noises, screaming and barking dogs. At midnight, I decided to walk over to the other campsite to get some pain medicine because my head was pounding and Jensen was awake anyway. Unfortunately, we woke almost everyone up, but as soon as we were headed back to our site Jovie started puking. So I'm glad I was there. Jeremy and Jovie ended up sleeping on the comfy air mattress with me in the tent. She was pretty sick until Sunday. So, we left Haven to play after breakfast.

Jensen's first camping adventure!

Lyndsey's friend, Megan, brought Caroline with her. Haven and Jovie loved having a new friend to play with.

Birthday cupcakes for Lyndsey! Happy 30th!

Haven filled and decorted this box for Lundsey all by herself. She kept it closed by adding velcro dots all the way around. It was pretty inventive.

Poor, sick Jovie and her brave Daddy.

The big girls chatting by the fire.

These pictures are from Lyndsey and Lynne, documenting the fun!

They caught 2 fish!

Haven, Megan, and Carolina

Feeding the ducks!

Paddle boats with Aunt Lyndsey!

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