Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time is flying

These weeks are going by so fast and I honestly don't even know what all we have been doing. I haven't even taken many pictures. Last week, I took the kids to Discovery Place Kids and the mall. Haven was sick for a few days with a bad cough and fever. Jovie has entered fully into her second year with loud yells and running from her parents. She learned how to hold up two fingers today for the first time. She had just been holding her hand up with contorted fingers. Jensen is on meds for reflux. They seem to be helping some. He is still nursing and sleeping like a champ. He woke up a few times in the night last week, but has slept the last two nights all the way through. He definitely has established a long afternoon nap and we are trying to figure out his morning one. 

Here a few pictures from the last week.

Daddy and the babies

Jensen is now bathing in the big tub with his sisters. He cried so hard in the baby tub, but seems to love this.

After our niece Bethany's birthday party, Haven crowned Prince Jensen.

Haven wanted a picture with him in their crowns. Her hair was a pretty big from being up in a bun for the ballerina birthday party. She loved learning ballet moves.

Practicing his least favorite activity, tummy time.

Haven asked to hold Jensen this morning and they were both happy for a while. She is good helper. Jovie will ask to hold him but it literally lasts 5 seconds. 

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