Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little about Jovie

Jovie has a big personality. She is super silly. She likes to entertain. She likes to jump. She doesn't cry going to Sunday school anymore and she will tell you that. She usually talks in 6-7 word sentences which baffles most people. She could have a really long mullet because I already cut off 4 inches of the back of her hair and no I didn't cut her bangs. That is as long as they have grown so far. She has just started to pay attention to her brother for the last month, as you can see from these pictures. She repeats everything that Haven says and does. Literally. Everything. She wants Daddy to "stay with her." She is a very good hugger and squeezer. She even grits her teeth she hugs so hard. 

She sings lots of sweet songs all throughout the day. Her favorite right now is "Praise Ye the Lord, Hallelujah." (Ha de you wa) She will do anything to prolong bed time. She really doesn't like going to sleep at night, but she will ask to take her nap and goes to sleep quickly during the day. She has just started realizing that she can fuss and cry when she wants something or doesn't like something. We used to be able to trade her or change the subject. She has really good manners: bless you, excuse me, excuse you, thank you, no thank you, have a nice day.

I think she will be ready to potty train soon because she tells me that she has gone in her diaper sometimes and grabs her diaper. She has loved playing with blankets recently and talking about boobies and poopy. Yikes. She gets her little feelings hurt easily.

She is two years old. No question about it. 

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  1. I love her so much. There's nothing like having a two year old say, "Oh Wendy." Maybe God knew that she'd be the middle child so he made her extra everything.