Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weird week

We have had major highs and major lows this week. 

LOWS- A stomach bug has been around for over a week. Last Saturday, Jeremy had a rumbly tummy and then on Tuesday Jovie threw up. Tuesday night, Haven threw up in her bed and then again after breakfast Wednesday. On Thursday, Haven was a new revived person. The energy she had was amazing. Then she threw up in her bed Thursday night. Jovie had bad diapers yesterday and then threw up in her bed before she even fell asleep last night. Today, my belly is rumbly. I'm just thankful it has been mild and everyone has been fairly happy.

We also got some sad news about a person we love very much. We are praying for a quick healing for her.

Haven got two shots at her 4 year old doctor's appointment this week. She was very brave, but cried a little. Her and Jovie were in perfect health according to the doctor. Haven is 3'3" and 29.8 lbs. Jovie was 34" and 24 lbs. and doing everything that a 2 year old should be doing. 

HIGHS- I got all three kids to bed before Jeremy got home from band practice Monday night. I was pretty proud of myself. It was the first time!

Jeremy was gracious and let me go to the gym 4 times this week. It felt so good!

On Thursday, the day everyone seemed in perfect health, the kids and I ran errands. We also went to Discovery Place Kids, lunch, and to Target. This was my first time doing that much with all three kids!

We all sat around the table the other night for the first time. Can you see Jensen's little body over beside Jeremy. He seemed to enjoy sitting at the table with us.

The girls were so cute sharing this stool the other night. They really do love each other.

Jovie is a little momma. She wanted to wear my wrap the other day. She kind of looks like Rambo.

Haven wanted to do it too.

Jensen was just making some noise to fit in.

The girls love playing on our bed and they really like it when their brother joins them. He still hates baths. He screams the whole time, but he loves people swaddled up in his towel.

Jensen's new trick this week. He is levatating. He tries to keep his head up all the time. He doesn't want it laying flat. It is so funny.

I'm so thankful that our highs outnumbered our lows this week.


  1. Can't believe how big Jensen is getting!!! I love all your pictures and I'm glad y'all are feeling better!!!

  2. What a week! Hope yall are feeling better!