Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ikea hack and 12 week cuteness

We bought this white lamp for Jovie's room last year and I knew right away that I would like to do something to it. I guess this is my first Ikea hack- taking an Ikea item and doing something new to it.

After sitting in her room for hours over the last year and staring at some of the things on her walls, I decided the lamp shade definitely needed some color. I bought the girls some watercolor paints a while back and I have enjoyed painting with them. So, I took some of the things on Jovie's walls as inspiration and used the the watercolors to paint her lampshade.

These pictures were just too cute not to be shared. Twelve week old Jensen dressed up for his cousin Bethany's winter program at preschool.

He also fell asleep on the well loved doggy the other night. He looks huge.

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  1. He is really becoming his own person! His smile is just so handsome!