Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrating Jovie

We had Jovie's 2nd birthday party at our local Hershey's ice cream shop, Cookies N Creme. So, the theme for her party was Cookies and Ice Cream.

We made our favorite Funfetti cupcakes, iced them, and stuck a chocolate chip cookie on top. I drilled two holes in Jovie's cupcake to stick her two candles in.

My sister and I collaborated on the invitation. I watercolored the cookie and ice cream cone and she designed the rest.

The party favors were a cute plastic ice cream bowl/spoon and a pack of cookies.

The store has huge white boards on the walls that are probably more fun than the ice cream for the kids.

Jovie got to pick three toppings for their ice cream. Bethany and Haven were checking them out.

The kids got to go behind the counter to pick out their flavor. That was really fun.

Jovie's cup was decorated with her name on it. So cute!

Party Attendees were: Beth, Stella, Jake, Izzy, Jonah, Jobe, Mary, Peeps, Meems, Jackie, Lyndsey, and Wendy. Pop and Grammy were out of town.

Jensen hung out with Aunt Lyndsey. I'm so thankful my girls got her eyelashes!

Jovie got to open so many fun presents!

They played a rousing game of pin the cherry on the ice cream.

On Sunday morning, Jovie's actual birthday, she ate a #2 waffle.

On Monday, we took our third annual trip to Tony's Ice Cream. We definitely have gone or will go more than once a year, but we are going to try to let this be Jovie's special trip every year. Jeremy, Haven, and I ate here right before I went to the hospital, with pretty serious contractions, to deliver Jovie.

Jensen enjoyed his first trip!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest and messiest two year old we know!

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  1. I LOVE this idea! So cute! We also LOVE Toney's! Maybe we can meet you all there one night for dinner and icecream once the weather gets a little warmer!