Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve/Day 2012

We started celebrating on Christmas Eve at my parent's house with my my sister's family. The kids were so excited to open presents.


Jovie loved this Santa hat and cried when she had to leave it at Grammy's house.

Jensen slept through the festivities.

Haven was so excited about her presents this year because she got a lot of the toys of the shows she watches on tv.

Christmas Eve night we were back at my parent's house for our extended family celebration.

The Bradham Men

Dana and Jensen

The 10 Bradham Grandchildren

Christmas morning we found presents from Santa.

Haven was concerned that she was the only one that got stocking stuffers. I guess maybe next year everybody will get some.

Jovie really enjoyed opening presents this year, but really only played with a few things.

Haven and I making pop bead creations.

We then traveled across town for lunch and presents with Jeremy's family. 

Aunt Lyndsey and Jensen

Once again, Jensen slept through the fun.

Along with a million other presents, the girls got Minnie Mouse Scooters.

Our family

Jensen was thrilled about his first Christmas.

My favorite gift from Jeremy, three rings with the kids' names on them.


Haven's favorite gift was the Pop Beads. She has organized them a million ways and made beautiful creations.

All of our loot. I only take pictures to show the grandparents how ridiculous this is and because I love looking back at pictures and remembering when I got special presents certain years growing up.






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  1. Looks like everyone had a great day!! Those little beads look so fun! I love toys that kids can put together themselves!!! Little Jensen is adorable!!! Merry Christmas!