Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Big Week Before Christmas

We had an exciting week. Jeremy and I celebrated our 32nd birthdays. We celebrated with both of our families on different nights with yummy food and awesome presents. Thankfully, neither of our families have put out birthdays on the back burner just because they are close to Christmas. We have always felt special and loved. The gift cards, money, and lawn mower bagger (yes, we are definitely getting old because we are excited about lawn equipment) are so appreciated!

The past three nights Jensen has slept from about 9:30pm-2:45pm and then for another good 3-4 hour block in the early morning so momma has been getting some sleep! His umbilical cord finally fell off on his his 3 week day on Wednesday. Jensen has also started to smile at us a little bit. I can't wait to see his sweet smile all of the time. He is spitting up a lot, so I am trying to be more careful about what I am drinking and eating. We are just watching it close because Jeremy had Pyloric Stenosis and we are just hoping we won't have to worry about that with our little man.

On Thursday, Haven performed in her preschool program. She did an awesome job. She knew all the songs and did the motions. It was such a cute program. She sang Away in the Manger, Jingle Bells, Sing/Shout/Worship the King, Happy Birthday Jesus, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Saturday, we celebrated our nephew Jake's 6th birthday at the bowling alley. It was Haven's first time bowling and she loved it. She got to wear her tap shoes to bowl because they didn't have her small size and she really wanted to wear her hand me down tap shoes to the party.

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