Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Weekend

It took me forever to get these pictures up this week. I've been a little preoccupied with making it to 36 weeks. I can't believe that Jensen is still hanging in there, but I am so thankful. I know he will come when his body is ready for him to be out in this world.

The girls enjoyed listening to Jeremy's ipod. They were so cute dancing and singing with the earbuds in their ears.

We forgot to get out the glowsticks for Halloween so we enjoyed them last weekend. Haven had a blast, but couldn't quite understand why their wasn't an off/on button so she could enjoy them later.

Sunday, the girls got the chance to go celebrate Bryson's 2nd birthday at Monkey Joe's. Haven had been once before and loved it, but this was Jovie's first time. She was so excited and although she hadn't had a nap, she was extremely happy. They weren't even afraid of Monkey Joe when he came in the party room. They loved it all!

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