Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Saturday night, we celebrated with our friends at the Bradley's house. We had yummy soup, salad, and desserts. The kids loved playing outside and going on a hayride. 

Our family dressed as 4 of the 8 Octonauts. Kwazii, Peso, Dashi, and Captain Barnacles.

Jeremy taught the kids a nice calm game of "throw the balls as hard as you can at each other."

The kids dressed up.

Haven passed out on the couch yesterday before our Halloween festivities even began. I think she was so excited all day it just knocked her out.

She was proud of the pumpkin that we carved. She told me what shapes to cut out for the face.

Jovie was singing "happy birthday" to the pumpkin since it had a candle in it.

Daddy and his girls. Haven decided she wanted to be a cowgirl so Jovie got to wear the cute gnome costume!

Jovie was falling asleep in the stroller so she and I came back to pass out candy. She really just wanted to eat all of the candy.

They were pretty excited!

I used the drill to poke holes in the pumpkin. I loved the way it looked!

They were really excited for while and then got sleepy and cold! But, they got a lot of candy. Daddy and I are pretty excited!

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  1. That little gnome costume may be my favorite ever!