Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Goodbye Mullet

Sweet Jovie had an awesome mullet going on. Just like her sister, the back of her hair grows at an extremely fast rate compared to her top. Also like her sister, she will not keep in bows or ponytails. So, after I cut Jeremy's hair the other night, I cut Jovie's too. 

It was so long in the back when wet, but would curl up a little when dry.

I only cut the very back, but she looks like a new kid. We thought she looked British, with her little pixie cut. It turned out about an inch too short, due to a flailing 21 month old and some shrinkage. But I think it is so much better than the unkempt mullet.

I found the girls sitting side by side on the couch the other day with arms around each other, but by the time I got the camera it turned into a headlock.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

38 weeks and Thanksgiving

Jensen is still baking at 38 weeks. This is unbelievable, but a blessing. We were hoping Jensen would get to wear his "1st Thanksgiving" bib, but I guess I will save it for next year.

We celebrated with my family at lunch for Thanksgiving and then went to Jeremy's parents for dinner and the Annual Christmas Lights.

Pop, Grammy, Jake, Jovie, Haven, and Bethany

Haven and Jovie love the Christmas lights and trees. I didn't take many pictures at Jeremy's parents house and my sister took all the ones at my parents. I'm glad she did because obviously that is just something that this pregnant lady can't stay on top of right now.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Here we go again...another Monday

I am shocked that we are starting another week at home without baby brother. I've been changing and washing wet sheets, putting clean ones on the beds, making breakfast, making laundry detergent, watching disney junior. You know all the regular stuff. It's weird. After having two preemies, I just assumed brother would come a little early. I will be the first one to advocate for the baby and say that he needs to stay inside as long as possible. I know that with all of my heart, because I have been in the NICU and I don't ever want to go back. However, my brain is just fried. I can't think of food to fix, things to do, or much of anything because I had this schedule of new baby life already in my head.

Luckily, the girls are playing so well together. They have been dancing, rearranging the nativity scenes, playing dress up, and running from one end of the house to the other.

Most of our Christmas decorations are up, since we know Jensen will be here soon. I'm just physically done with this pregnancy. I am tired of not being able to play on the floor with the girls, not being able to clean up low or high messes, and aching like a 90 year old.

We are just ready to see this baby's sweet face and get in a family of 5 routine. Haven just wants to know what color of skin he will have. haha. I think Jovie will just be glad that I can hold her normally again. She never thinks I am holding her even when she is in my arms. She always says, "Hold me, Mommy!"

So, here we go again. The good thing about all of this is that hopefully as soon as contractions get regular I can go right in and have a c-section and be done with that part. Unless, something crazy happens, which at this point won't surprise me at all.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

whoa baby!

I have made it to 37 weeks! I think it might really be a miracle. I had a NST and my weekly appointment today and everything was great. We are really ready to meet our little guy and see how big he is actually going to be. The doctor today estimated him to be at least 7 lbs. If that is true, it will feel like I am holding an enormous child at his birth after our two tiny girls.

We are so thankful he is doing well and we will be super excited when he is ready to come!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jovie and Preschool Part 1

Well, Jovie went to Mother's Mother Out for 2 months and unfortunately it just wasn't her cup of tea. As you can see from her pitiful pictures, she cried a lot. She would start fussing as soon as we pulled in the parking lot and then would cry so hard when we dropped her off at her class. The last few weeks she cried herself to sleep and then she wouldn't nap at home later. So, we decided we would just take her out and maybe try again sometime next year. It was only one day for a few hours, but I think we will all be happier knowing she isn't upset. I want preschool to be fun for them. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Weekend

It took me forever to get these pictures up this week. I've been a little preoccupied with making it to 36 weeks. I can't believe that Jensen is still hanging in there, but I am so thankful. I know he will come when his body is ready for him to be out in this world.

The girls enjoyed listening to Jeremy's ipod. They were so cute dancing and singing with the earbuds in their ears.

We forgot to get out the glowsticks for Halloween so we enjoyed them last weekend. Haven had a blast, but couldn't quite understand why their wasn't an off/on button so she could enjoy them later.

Sunday, the girls got the chance to go celebrate Bryson's 2nd birthday at Monkey Joe's. Haven had been once before and loved it, but this was Jovie's first time. She was so excited and although she hadn't had a nap, she was extremely happy. They weren't even afraid of Monkey Joe when he came in the party room. They loved it all!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Pictures

Our friend, Taylor, of Taylor Helms Photography, took our pictures a few weeks ago. We packed in maternity, family, 18 months, and almost 4 years old into this photo shoot. We took them at a local produce/flower store- Black's Produce. I think they turned out great. It is so hard to pick which ones to show when they all capture different faces and attitudes.

Miss Photogenic

Miss Stonecold

Jovie was pitiful. Taylor was saying to her, "Can you believe you were the baby and now you have to grow up because a new baby is coming?!" She really played the part.

Haven was enthralled by the irrigation system for the flowers.

This was the main picture I wanted and I think it turned out great!

Tired of pictures.

Sweet girls loving each other.

18 months of pure delight

Daddy and Momma with our bumps

This pretty much sums up how it feels to try to take pictures with my funny man.

This scene is down the road from our house so we pass it everyday and I have wanted a picture here since 2005 and I finally got it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Patterson Pumpkin Farm

We went to the preschool farm day at Patterson Farm last Monday for some fun. It was cloudy, windy, and really cold, but we made it through all of the activities. The kids had fun and I have so much fun watching them explore and enjoy God's creation.

Stella, Sawyer, Bethany, Jovie, and Haven

Haven loved having her face painted on both sides.

Jovie had her face painted for the first time. She sat really still.

The farm always has the prettiest fall decor.

We watched a cute puppet show about a farmer finding a huge pumpkin and needing help from all of the farm animals to pull it off the vine.

Big girls

Jovie hung out with Aunt Wendy a lot. Thanks Wendy!

The girls feeding the goats.

A new baby donkey was so cute. They also had baby pigs that were precious.

Hayride Time!

Sawyer was acting like a little old man.

Haven helped Jovie pick the perfect pumpkin.

Jovie went straight to the Pattie cow. We call her Jovie Pattie a lot since her middle name is Patricia.

Playing in the the corn is always fun.

The swings are always a source of great pleasure and pain.

This year they had these new little bouncy horses. They were pretty funny and hard to navigate. 

Haven was ready to pick strawberries, so hopefully we will be back in the spring for more farm fun!