Thursday, October 25, 2012

Posing Girls

The girls have started enjoying pictures a little more. They will stand still for a few seconds and then they want to see their pictures and then they want to take their own pictures. 

I found them watching tv together like this! Too cute

Haven in her first wearing of her Captain Barnacles homemade costume. Octonauts are on Disney Jr.

At the local church fall festival with her cousins.

Jovie saying "CHEESE!"

Sitting on the fireplace hearth eating candy. They love doing things together.


  1. Sweet sisters! Love that they play so well together! I'm sure you do to! The octonauts costume is adorable!

  2. Hello! Cute blog! My son wants to be captain Barnacles for Halloween and he has chosen your outfit as the best on the internet! :) Can you please tell me how you got/made the mask? Thank you! Sarah

    1. I drew it free-hand on thick poster board. i used a mask i found on etsy as a model. I colored in it and then laminated it and used elastic around the back to hold it in place.

    2. Thank you! It looks great! Laminating is a good idea. Especially if it rains (or he rips it!).

  3. You can make great masks out of felt. They take a little longer, but look great! Pics on internet.

  4. This is a good idea too! I better get moving on this as I only have a little more than a month! Thank you