Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Nursery Remix

When I planned the nursery for Haven, I heard great advice. I think on HGTV one of the designers said to design a nursery that I would enjoy because I would be the one looking at it the most. So, I did. I have loved the nursery everyday. I decided to go gender neutral from the beginning because I felt like we would have a boy one day. Now that we needed 3 kid bedrooms, I decided to move some of the original nursery stuff upstairs for Jovie's room and updated the nursery with some trendy yellow chevron.

You can check out the original nursery here.

Mom and I made the curtains. They are lined and hooked up with little clips. They turned out perfect. 

There are still a girly toys in here, because we play in here a lot.

I switched out the salmon color in the mural for yellow. 

I printed a free monogram for Jensen and added a jar of Uncle John's matchbox collection.

I got rid of the pink and purple crib sheets, but still need to get a new laundry basket for Jensen. I also repainted the pink flowers yellow. 

So, just a few small updates made a big difference in this room. I love the yellow. It is so bright and happy.


  1. It is bright and happy! I love those chevron curtains too!

  2. I think it turned out wonderfully! I just love that beautiful mural!

  3. great job!! i really do love that wall color! do you remember what it is?