Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple Hill Orchard 2012, Morganton

We took our annual Apple Orchard trip last Monday. It was perfect day. The weather was beautiful, the   orchard wasn't too busy, and the kids had so much fun. Grammy got to go with us this year. We were glad she got to go on one of our field trips. 

We learned how they pick, sort, and store the apples. 

Then we got to watch delicious apple cider being made.

We listened to our guide tell us about honey bees and how they help the orchard.

Then for the best part, we got to taste a few different types of apples, drink fresh cider, and pick out our apples to take home.

After a tour of the refrigerators and a tractor/wagon ride around the farm, we had a picnic lunch.

What a fun day!

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  1. Oh! Looks like so much fun! Maybe we will try that one out next year!