Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lazy 5 Ranch

Last Wednesday, we met some of our friends from college at Lazy 5 Ranch. Jeremy, Wendy, and I took Jake when he was almost 2, but that was the only time we have been. All of the girls loved along with others in our 20 person group. Anna, Amy, and Dawn lived on our hall in college and we all went to BSU together, plus I was a NC Teaching Fellow with them. Now we all have at least 2 kids and it is fun to see the group grow.

We took the wagon ride through the animals and we got up close and personal with most of the animals.

Dawn and some of the kids.


Amy, Dawn, and their kids

Wendy, her kids, Anna's sister and her kids, Anna's kids

Jeremy and Haven. She was a little concerned about the close proximity with the animals.

Little piglets were so cute.

Water buffalo

Jovie wanted to eat the animal feed. yuck

Jeremy and the giraffes

Haven loved feeding the baby giraffe.

This one was diving in for the attack on the food bowl. Haven wasn't happy.

I thought they looked so pretty sitting on a hill.

Haven wasn't going to turn around and look at that tongue.

Haven believed that this was the missing bird from Wilora Lake Retirement Center. She was so happy that it found a new home at Lazy 5.

My sister took these pictures of our family and a lot more are on her blog .

We finished the day with a party of 20 for lunch at Cracker Barrel. It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. These pictures are great!!! Love the one with the tongue! And finishing the day with Cracker Barrel is pretty great!

  2. Great pics! We had the best time.