Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jovie's New Room

Well, Jovie got booted out of the nursery since baby brother will be here in a few months. We moved her upstairs to the room with no closet. There will be another piece of furniture added when we either get it painted or cleaned up better. It has some drawers and an area for hanging a few clothes, but right now her clothes are downstairs with Haven's in the nursery.

We brought up some decorations from the nursery including the chair for now. We bought a new lampshade and shelf from Ikea and borrowed the crib from my sister. 

I still love her letters from Anthropologie. 

I printed the NC print off from a site a found on pinterest. There is a heart over the Charlotte area with a $2 frame from Ikea. Her special preemie baby doll is up on this shelf for safe keeping. 

We bought the duvet and picture from Ikea and used a frame we already had. We also brought up the curtains and growth chart from the nursery. 

I used cross stitch hoops and fabric scraps that I already had to fill this blank wall. 

I really wanted to paint this room, but I didn't have a color that I was just dying to paint. Also, we are thinking that the girls may share this room in the next year, so I would rather paint and get it ready for them when I have a really good plan in place.

This chair will be moved out when we get the other piece of furniture ready. 

She has been napping and sleeping well in her new room. The girls love playing in here and it the brightest yet coolest room in our house. 


  1. so funny- i am looking at that exact same duvet from IKEA and i am planning to do the embroidery hoops with material over the head boards as well! it looks great! -Laura

  2. Looks cute. I think you are smart to totally redecorate when the girls move in together. And I love that you are able to use our crib. It was bought with much anticipation!