Thursday, August 30, 2012

His Name

Jeremy, along with his grandfather, dad, and uncle all have the initials JPA. Jovie also ended up with the same initials; although, that wasn't on purpose. We decided that it was a nice tradition to carry on for our son. So, we knew we liked Jeremy's middle name Phillip. It also happens to be his grandfather's and uncle's as well. Then, we had to start thinking about J first names. Here's the problem, we already have all of these J names in our close family: Jeremy, Jeff, Josh, Jake, Jovie, Jack, Jonah, and Job. Also, Jeremy's uncle was John Phillip. He passed away in the spring.

So, we looked through the baby name books and looked up all J names on the internet. Nothing fit. One night, I told Jeremy we needed to come up with a first name for this baby and he told me a very interesting list of crazy names. Then he said he like Jensen and I really liked it. So, I started researching what it means and how to spell it and all of that stuff. We quickly found out that Jensen is a very popular Danish last name. It means son of Jens. Jens means John which means "God is gracious!" Well, that just sounded perfect. He is literally a son of 4 Johns. Two of my great-grandfather's first names were John. One other grandfather's middle name was Ivan, translated to John from Russian. Also, Jeremy's paternal grandfather was John. We also thought it will help us never forget Uncle John.

Obviously, we like names that are little different since we already have Haven and Jovie. We think Jensen fits in there perfectly. Plus, the girls say Jensen so cute!


  1. Love it! I only wish one of our kids had Bradham as a middle name. Hey, maybe a grandchild. :)

  2. Love the name! I also love the meaning behind it! I'm jealous you guys have a name at 26 weeks. At 36, we still can't decide. haha!