Saturday, June 23, 2012

other stuff going on

Haven has just now shown interest in picking out her own clothes sometimes or dressing up. This day she said she was a princess with her tiara, gloves(socks), dress with bows, and fancy shoes(black velcros). I thought she was a pretty eclectic princess.

Jovie loves food and really showed it this day. She wiped baked ziti all over her face. 

We got our first cucumber a few weeks ago. Now we are just hoping to get a little more out of our garden. I had to pull up the zucchini and squash because little white/gray bugs were eating them completely up. They looked horrible. I may replant a few things soon.


  1. LOVE Haven's outfit. She's completely stylish!! And I have to say, Jovie's ziti covered face is adorable, but that smeared ziti grosses me out a bit!

    1. I let her eat her ziti a little early, while I was finishing up the rest of dinner, so I wasn't really watching her very closely. Yes, I was pretty grossed out too.

    2. It looks like she's crying tears of ricotta cheese. poetic.