Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hawaii Days 1-3

We had 3 flights to Hawaii. Charlotte to Chicago, Chicago to Maui, and Maui to Kona. The girls did well, actually much better than I expected. The long flight was LONG, but not horrible. We decided to go to Hawaii because Jeremy's sister, Lyndsey is living there right now. She lives in the Southeast part of the Big Island, Hawai'i. Our resort was on the Northwest side of the island.

Jeremy picked up Lyndsey after he dropped us of at the condo to get settled. The girls went to bed easy and slept well. We were so tired.

The next morning we got up and explored our resort area and then we walked a little trail over to the next resort. It was beautiful. After lunch we went swimming, had showers and then drove north about 20 minutes to Kawaihae. It was a cute little area with a delicious restaurant, Cafe Pesto. We looked around an art gallery and then Haven I just had to put our feet in the sand for minute. It was dark and the white coral rocks were glowing on the dark sand. Wish I had taken a picture.

Jeremy and Haven lounging

Snacking after their first swim

Cafe Pesto- Delicous!

Our car tag. Haven loved the rainbows on all the tags. She yelled it out quite often. I guess she didn't understand that all tags look the same in most states.

On Monday, we drove to Hilo. Our first stop was at Ken's House of Pancakes for breakfast. The menu was huge and the food was delicious.

Aunt Lyndsey and Haven

I wish I would have gotten a better picture, but these flower arrangements at the Market were absolutely beautiful. We walked around town and went in a few stores.

While the girls napped in the car with Lyndsey, Jeremy and I visited the Boiling Pots and Rainbow Falls in Kona.

These Banyan trees were enormous and very interesting. It got very interesting when we realized someone was living in the one to the left of me in these pictures. They had their stuff hanging in the trees and they were lurking in the darkness.

We drove a little way out of town to Akaka Falls. This was just one of the beautiful flowers growing in this rainforest.

Haven and Jeremy with Akaka behind them

Mom and Jovie. I borrowed this Ergo Carrier and it was perfect!

On our drive back around the northern part of the island home the temperature dropped 20 degrees. It is amazing how many climates/ecosystems their can be on one island. It is miraculous really.

We got back in time for the Sunset. It was gorgeous. The girls and Jeremy took one more dip in the pool too.

We got to bed early. We were all so tired!

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