Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hawaii Day 6

On Thursday, May 31st we went to the public beach at the Mauna Kea Resort. This beach was very different from the beach we went to a few days before. There were waves here and the it wasn't rocky at all. The sand felt like flour. It was very delicate and so soft. The only problem was that it was windy and the sand was flying everywhere because it was so light. Our things were covered in sand within minutes. 

Haven and Jeremy out in the water while Jovie watched.

There were lots of sea turtles swimming in the shallow water on this beach. They were amazing to see up close.

Jovie was covered in sand. She had so much fun.

Haven was pretty covered as well.

On the way home we stopped at Kohala Burger and then Jeremy got a shaved ice. Both were delicious!

After nap, we headed to the Hilton Resort down the street from our condo. We heard they had lots to see and do there. It was a beautiful resort with lots of outdoor activities. They don't have direct access to a beach but they have a little ocean fed lake on the property that you can snorkle, canoe, and swim at. They also had birds, a boat, and a train that we enjoyed. The boat and train take you around the property and you can get off at the conference centers, restaurants or the different buildings with rooms.

They also have a dolphin experience at this Hilton location. You can swim with the dolphins for a nice sum of money, but we just went to watch them playing and getting fed by the trainers. There were probably 10 or so dolphins and they did a few tricks. It was beautiful to watch.

There were lots of statues, stairs, and waterfalls to look at as well.

Boat ride

We went to different at the Food court at the mall and watched more hula dancers.

My little hula girls ran laps while the dancers danced.

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