Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hawaii Day 4

On Tuesday, we went to the closet public beach, Anaehoomalu Bay Beach Park. The sand here was very rocky, so I guess it wasn't really sand more like broken up lava rocks. It was beautiful, there was a lot of Ovaline in this "sand." Ovaline looks like beautiful green jems. We had fun looking for shells and big pieces of green treasure.

We have got to get a new camera. The black dots are on the inside of my camera and can't be fixed without it costing a lot. :(

This beach was so nice. Palms trees were right up at the water. There were chairs to put our things and a bathroom with showers right near the beach. I wish our public access beach areas were this nice. We were spoiled. Lots of longboarders and snorkles were at this beach as well.

After baths and naps, we headed to Downtown Kona. Our first stop was the first church in Hawaii. It is beautiful and made from local wood that was carried to this site for building.

Haven wanted to go on stage and sing. Can you tell she likes church? Especially because Daddy and Aunt Wendy get to be on the stages at church.

We started walking and found this beautiful tree. 

This is a public access area where kids were having swimming and canoe lessons. Kids and canoes were everywhere out in the water. Across the water is where one of the King Kamehameha lived and the little village around his house. The hotel to the right of this was getting ready to have a Luau this night.

Haven really wanted to get in the sand, so she mingled with the locals. You can see the people in line for the luau.

Haven likes having her picture made with statues. Sounds kind of like her daddy.


They looked so cute in their matching dresses, but I guess I waited way too late for a good picture.

We ate dinner at a local place, Ultimate Burger. It was pretty delicious! Too bad the only other one will be opening in California soon.

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