Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby #3

Well, the ticker is up, friends have been told, and my belly is growing bigger. This baby has definitely made itself known and we are getting excited. I will 16 weeks on Wednesday and I go back to the doctor on July 3rd. We have an ultrasound scheduled for July 10th, so hopefully we will find out that day if we are having another girl or a boy. My due date is December 5th, but we will have a c-section scheduled for the week before. However, both girls have come early, so we are expecting this baby to come before 39 weeks as well, just hopefully not too much earlier than that.

I am feeling a little better, but still tired and nauseous at times. We found out that this baby was coming 2 days after Easter and we were shocked. We were hoping to get out of baby mode soon with Jovie, so we definitely weren't expecting to jump back in so quickly. God had better plans for us.

Our 3 little sea turtles on a beach in Hawaii.

Jovie announcing the news to Aunt Lyndsey in Hawaii!

Here is the baby's first ultrasound. This was at 9 weeks. We saw the baby move around and the heartbeat was very strong!

We are thankful that we get this opportunity to have another baby and pray that God shows us how to parent 3 little ones under 4 year olds.


  1. So exciting!!!!! Libby's birthday is the 5th of Dec. although her due date was the 15th. By that point you don't mind if they come a little early! Praying you have a smooth pregnancy!

  2. Praying for you and beyond excited to be an aunt one more time!

  3. Sooooo happy for you guys! Very excited to hear if you are having a boy or girl!! Hope that you get some energy back soon & feel great for the summer! Jovie's going to be a great bis sister!! Our 1st was due Dec 7th & came Nov 30th!