Monday, June 25, 2012

We've got another soccer player!

Baby #3 has been doing bicycle kicks tonight in my belly! What a blessing to feel this little baby move and know that he/she is growing! Just two weeks from tomorrow and hopefully we will find out if we are having another sister or a brother. Most people think it is a boy, so it will be interesting to see if they are right. I just can't wait to find out.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

other stuff going on

Haven has just now shown interest in picking out her own clothes sometimes or dressing up. This day she said she was a princess with her tiara, gloves(socks), dress with bows, and fancy shoes(black velcros). I thought she was a pretty eclectic princess.

Jovie loves food and really showed it this day. She wiped baked ziti all over her face. 

We got our first cucumber a few weeks ago. Now we are just hoping to get a little more out of our garden. I had to pull up the zucchini and squash because little white/gray bugs were eating them completely up. They looked horrible. I may replant a few things soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Soccer Shots Soccer Camp

Haven had her first soccer camp last week. Jake and Bethany were in her 3-5 year old class at the East Lincoln Optimist Club. The program was through Soccer Shots of Greater Charlotte and Coach Jon was her teacher.

She cried the first day, but did great the rest of the week.

Not sure why she is holding the ball at soccer camp.

Coach Jon being silly.

Jovie enjoyed soccer camp just as much as Haven. She walked all around the baseball field, dugouts, and bleachers. She was definitely as dirty as Haven everyday.

They were so cute sitting on their balls.

Jake did really well all week. 

During the scrimmage at the end of everyday, Haven and Bethany played with their jerseys, held hands, and mainly walked around the field. They did great with the fun games, but the actual scrimmage was a little too much for them I think.

She was so cute all week learning new skills like: pull backs, passing, control/trap, kicking with the inside of foot, and shooting at the goal.

Jeremy came on Friday to watch.

Haven getting her certificate and water bottle.

Jake shaking hands.

Beth too.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby #3

Well, the ticker is up, friends have been told, and my belly is growing bigger. This baby has definitely made itself known and we are getting excited. I will 16 weeks on Wednesday and I go back to the doctor on July 3rd. We have an ultrasound scheduled for July 10th, so hopefully we will find out that day if we are having another girl or a boy. My due date is December 5th, but we will have a c-section scheduled for the week before. However, both girls have come early, so we are expecting this baby to come before 39 weeks as well, just hopefully not too much earlier than that.

I am feeling a little better, but still tired and nauseous at times. We found out that this baby was coming 2 days after Easter and we were shocked. We were hoping to get out of baby mode soon with Jovie, so we definitely weren't expecting to jump back in so quickly. God had better plans for us.

Our 3 little sea turtles on a beach in Hawaii.

Jovie announcing the news to Aunt Lyndsey in Hawaii!

Here is the baby's first ultrasound. This was at 9 weeks. We saw the baby move around and the heartbeat was very strong!

We are thankful that we get this opportunity to have another baby and pray that God shows us how to parent 3 little ones under 4 year olds.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hawaii Day 8- Last Day :(

Our last morning, Saturday June 2, we went back to the beach closest to our condo. We stayed a while but it was really windy so the water felt cold and the sand was flying around and hitting us. Not exactly fun.

So we went back to our condo and took a swim. We also ate lunch out at the pool restaurant. What a beautiful place to eat lunch huh?

Here are pictures of our condo. I should have taken them when we first got there, but instead you get to see it after a week of mess.

Master bedroom

Master closet and bathroom. Jovie slept in the closet in a pack n play. It was perfect!

2nd bedroom where Lyndsey and Haven slept.

2nd bathroom

View from front door

Beautiful flowers everywhere.

There were petroglyphs near our condo that we didn't want to miss out on before we left. It was a hot, uneven walk out to the area. You could tell that some of the "petroglyphs" were not real, but supposedly a lot of them are real.

We had to pick up a few things at the outdoor mall before we left. Haven liked this statue and wanted a picture with it.

Jeremy wanted his picture with "Food Court." We ate here a lot because it was easy; however, we did learn that most places on this island do not provide highchairs. That was challenging.

Our last stop before we headed back to the airport, downtown Kona for another shaved ice.

Haven took this picture of me.

We all enjoyed the beautiful and tasty Hawaiian shaved ice.

We made a final dinner stop and Jovie threw up all over herself and her carseat. She had been perfect all day, so I don't know if she had a bug or if she had too much shaved ice. But we did see another rainbow, so that perked us up.

At the outdoor airport waiting to board for our night flight home.

Jovie did start to run a little fever, so she only wanted me to hold her. Luckily, both girls slept all of both flights home and Jovie only threw up once at the Denver airport. I was worried that she would be sick the whole way home.

It took the girls only 2 nights to get back adjusted to sleeping well. It took Jeremy and I at least a week to start feeling normal again. 

We are so glad we went on this adventure. Jeremy and I will never forget it even if the girls don't remember.