Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raptor Center

The girls and I needed an adventure a few weeks ago, so we decided to go check out the Nature Center and Raptor Center at Latta Plantation. Latta is only about 15 minutes away, but somehow we hadn't been there with Haven yet. So, we spent some time going to the bathroom, looking at snakes, and playing with a worm at the Nature Center and then headed over to the Raptor Center.

Daddy's favorite bird, Peregrine Falcon.
Jeremy's note: even at only one-wing capacity, it still has to be kept in a cage cause it can kill you. Awesome.

Jovie enjoyed all of the owls the best. She has owls in her room so she enjoys hearing me make the owl noises.

Haven spent most of her time finding inch worms. They were everywhere and she was in heaven.

Haven checking out the toucans.

Inside, they had this little play tree. Haven also found that they sell Izzy, the owl, from our Wild Animal Baby Explorers books. It was pretty exciting to see Izzy.

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