Thursday, March 29, 2012


I think we had the most, fun, beach trip ever last weekend. We left for Oak Island after preschool on Thursday and got home at bedtime Sunday night. We went to the beach as soon as we got their Thursday and the girls were so excited. We then went back twice Friday and Saturday and again on Sunday morning. We had breakfast at the house and then ate lunch and dinner at all of the local restaurants. We didn't even leave the island. We played at the park. I got to ride the bike a few days around the island. Jovie took her naps after lunch at the house or on the beach. Haven explored for treasure and actually found a few. Jovie ate enough sand to fill a sand box. Jeremy and I just took it all in and realized we probably had the best possible weather for a beach trip. The temperature was perfect, the water wasn't too cold, and sun was shining nonstop. We are so blessed to have a wonderful place to stay at the beach.

Haven getting ready for action.

Jovie and Daddy spotting the waves.

The girls in their new suits.

Jovie realizing that this is going to be fun!

Haven and Daddy

Jovie crawled as fast as she could to the water.

Digging a pool.

Enjoying this easy life!

Haven flying the kite for the first time. She was so excited!

Jovie turned 13 months!

Haven's dead crab friend, Laney.

A beautiful but weird snail-like creature that we found.

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