Thursday, March 8, 2012

Around our house

main view when you walk in the the door

Our bonus room is complete. Well, except for a little more work done to the main door, it is complete. It took a really long time, but we have already enjoyed it so much. Jeremy got his drums set up, Haven has played a few rounds of Candyland, and we have all enjoyed the beautiful music coming through the surround sound. The wall color is a gray/green/blueish color that is just perfect. The carpet is a caramel/brown. Not that we needed another place for toys, but we have really enjoyed playing in there. I am trying to change the location of toys and also putting away a lot of them, so we can rotate them.

this door leads to the new attic space

toy central

comfy couch from ikea

I made this "Love God, Love Others" wall hanging out of branches from our neighbor's yard and watercolor paintings from my little artist, Haven. I want us to focus on those two things this year.

Jovie isn't walking on her own yet, but she is getting around the house so fast. She crawls and cruises around. She loves playing with this toy.

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Jeremy worked at home and the weather was absolutely perfect. Haven and I made a little garden under the playhouse. I have seen the cute little fairy gardens featured here and there, so I thought we would start our own little "found objects" garden. So far we have a mulch garden, little houses made out of the flower pots, and a brick tower. We planted two pansies and we will probably add a vegetable plant or more flowers in late April. We had so much fun making it and then playing in the yard.

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