Friday, February 17, 2012

mommy tricks

I have run into a few issues being a mother of 2, but I found simple solutions so I thought I would share.

We moved Haven upstairs before Jovie was born and I starting realizing that I was running up and down the stairs all day to get clothes and shoes. So, I moved all of the girls' current shoes and clothes in a centralized location. Right now, all of their clothes are in Jovie's closet (downstairs), the coats are on the back of her door in the hallway, and shoes are in the laundry room just a few doors away. All of these rooms are on the same hallway as the garage door. I know this probably only works because of the layout of our house, but it is perfect.

All of their out-of-season clothes are upstairs in Haven's closet. I just switch them out every now and then. I love doing that! I know, I'm a nerd. Laundry is easier because I only go to 2 closets instead of 3 (me/Jeremy and Haven/Jovie).

Haven clothes are on the left, Jovie's on the right, and any matching outfits on the bottom.

Our vacuum isn't great, so the accessory arm thingy doesn't work hardly at all. I also enjoying cleaning up my car regularly, so I wanted something that could do double duty for the small messes in life.

I bought the Black and Decker Flex vacuum sometime last year and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. It can suck up anything. I use it to clean my car, to suck up things my vacuum cleaner won't, and for quick clean-ups of just about anything. I would highly recommend this small vacuum.

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