Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Snowflake Tree, Oh Snowflake Tree

We are having our bonus room finished in, which means our long-term storage is unavailable right now. Well, our short-term, long-term storage isn't big enough for everything. When the room is done we are going to purge a lot of stuff before we move it back into to the long-term storage area.

We left the Christmas tree out and decorated it with snowflakes. I like to leave some snowflake decorations out throughout the winter just hoping and praying for some snow. Last year, we had a lot of snow. We are hoping to have enough to sled this year too. We are really enjoying our snowflake tree. I guess we will put it away whenever this room gets done.

1 comment:

  1. Holly...the tree mural is still on the wall in blaises room! That is what makes me the saddest too!! I will cry crocodile tears but maybe whoever buys the house will keep the mural. :-) it's definitely something I have just had to remove myself from. Congrats on the baby!!!!! I've been MIA obviously!!!