Wednesday, January 25, 2012

11 months and the SUN!

Sweet Jovie turned 11 months yesterday. This was a big month for her. She is now crawling, standing up at toys/furniture, and walking along furniture. We can also tell that she has learned a lot of words and routines. The last two nights, I asked her is she was ready for night night and she looked at her daddy and waved at him. It was so sweet. She has said these words: dada, mama, nana (maybe nurse or mama), hata (haven), yay, mo (more), baw (ball), bye bye, ya-yu (thank you). She loves to watch me sign more, eat, cereal, milk, and thank you, but she will only really sign more sometimes. We are working on it.

Yesterday, we had some friends/family come over to play in the afternoon. I think the mothers were more excited to see the sun than the kids!

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