Sunday, December 11, 2011

Haven is 3!

I know one little girl that had an awesome 3rd birthday weekend! We started celebrating Friday morning on her actual birthday with the gifting of a Minnie Mouse bike and Mickie helmet. Meems came over to keep Jovie and brought lots of birthday balloons that both girls enjoyed. Jeremy and I got to take Haven on a morning out without the baby and we had so much fun.

The 3 year old and her bike.

Her first breakfast at Hardee's. She didn't enjoy it, but we did.

We played Discovery Place Kids for the morning and she enjoyed all of the areas. We spent the most time at the car track area, craft area, and driving the airplane.

Her party was at Shining Hope Farms on Saturday at 3pm. Here's the setup.

She had so many friends and family come play with her at the farm. They all got pony rides, jumped on the trampoline, played some games, and pet the rabbit.

We invited our neighbors, best friends, cousins, and preschool friends.

Haven and Lexi ready for their pony rides.

I got to sidewalk my little buddy and realized how much I miss doing that at work. It's not the same working in the office. I love being out there with the kids.

We came home and opened a few presents. You can tell by her face that she really wanted a double stroller! She has loved it so far.

Us four.

Haven and her loot. She is so blessed! We put most of this stuff up in the closet to pull out over the next year. I just recently got out the last few toys from her last birthday and Christmas.

Haven is so much fun. She loves preschool, playing with daddy, being outside, loving on Jovie, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Tiny the dog. She has an amazing vocabulary and can throw a fit pretty fast. She is growing so much and seems like such a big girl. We love her so much and pray that she continues to grow strong and happy. We pray that the Lord draws her close to him and continues to shape her character to bring him praise.

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  1. Love it! Hard to believe she is 3! Where did you find the orange & purple plates, cups, and silverware? You know I can never have enough orange & purple in my life :)