Friday, November 18, 2011

Haven and her hair

Haven has beautiful, blond hair. She only has a few slight curls at the end of her hair if it is dirty and really humid. I have cut her hair three times before totaling about 4 inches off the back. The front is still her baby hair growing. It is just growing a lot faster around the sides and back. She will rarely let me put it up or put bows in it. These hairstyles definitely do not last more than a few hours. So, I decided it was time to get her a cute style that will work without bows and ponytails.

This past Tuesday she got her 4th hair cut from my hairdresser, Samantha. Haven seemed to really enjoy the experience. She sat very still and made funny faces at Daddy and Jovie in the mirror.

Unfortunately, I was at Haven's feet, keeping her looking down so Samantha could cut her hair in the back, and I let the haircut get too far before I realized she hadn't cut it short enough. She cut about 2 inches off the back and then layered it up a little to blend in with the front. It was cute, just not what I wanted.

So, Wednesday morning I gave her the 5th haircut and took about another 1.5 inches off the back and stacked up it a little. She is so cute with a little bob haircut.

I'm not sure why she wouldn't smile for the camera. Here are two shots of the back of her head and the mural in the nursery. haha


  1. That cut is darling on her!! I love bobs on little cute!!

  2. Cutie! She has the perfect hair for a little bob.