Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preschool Pressure

Haven started preschool a month ago and I have been feeling the heat. It's not her, she is adjusting well. She doesn't cry anymore and she shares all of the fun stuff she did at school on the way home. She enjoys her new friends. However, I had heard other mothers with kids talk about all of the money and stuff that comes with school. I totally didn't think we would already be dealing with that in a 2 day a week, 2 year old class. For instance, we already got information about 2 fundraisers, 2 events that we need to volunteer for, picture day, and a book sale. We already pay a sign up fee and a monthly fee, now we need to pay for a pizza party, books, send candy, volunteer during the time I am paying them to have Haven, and pick out an outfit for picture day. Luckily, I didn't cave and buy a new bookbag and lunchbox. We just used what she already had, but I noticed a kid look at her lunchbox that we got for free and make a comment about it.

I am enjoying the 8 hours with Jovie a week and having a little time to get a few errands done. Haven is enjoying herself and I am thankful that she is doing well with being away from me. I just wanted to document this because I know it will probably just get worse and we have to decide how much we will do and how much money we will spend.

P.S. I am such a sucker for new books and pattern blocks. I bought 3 things from the book sale, but wanted it all. I am hoping the pictures won't be really good, because I am a sucker for those too.

Haven definitely doesn't feel the pressure. She fell on my fingernail somehow and scraped her nose. She said she needed a bandaid.

This picture is a major stress reliever. I have such funny girls.Note from dad: Thank you Jovie for censoring Haven's buck cratt so I didn't have to use photoshop.

Love Daddy.


  1. Hahahahaha! I almost saw her crack.

  2. Your girls are adorable & that last comment is hysterical!
    But now with 4 kids in 2 different schools this year, believe me, I feel your pain! I do love to volunteer & be involved at the kids' schools, but it is a constant juggling act, especially with the baby at home. I went a little crazy signing up for things at each open house, so we will have to see how it all pans out. So far, so good...I am really trying to focus on "at school" time with my older 2, since they are at school 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. I want to be volunteering at their school while they still like having me around, lol!
    In all seriousness though, just pray about what things to participate in, which causes/fundraisers to DON'T have to do it all. But I do try to look at my kids' classes as a mission field & want to be open to God using me to bless someone else.
    And as someone who learned the hard way...fight the urge to order the "package" of school is nice to have one or two (so they can look back on each year's school photo), and a class shot...but in this digital age, we take so many photos of our kids & share them so easily via the internet...well, you get the picture (and I have a drawer full of school photo packages!) Now that I've written a book, I will go!