Thursday, August 18, 2011

wits' end

This momma is there. Yes, at my wits' end. Even though I had one hour of complete bliss during my massage today.

at (one's) wits' end
At the limit of one's mental resources; utterly at a loss

The last week has been my hardest days yet as a mom of two. On top of a few time management/work issues, a friend's kid is sick and we played with them yesterday, a knife melted on the stovetop, Haven has two freshly scraped knees and she hasn't napped for me in over a week. I can't do a whole lot to help her get to sleep when Jovie is up. She won't close her eyes and says she's not tired. Yet, she gets pretty fussy in the afternoon. So I have just made her stay in her bed as long as she will and then she is playing her in room quietly until I am ready to deal with her again. It makes me pretty angry and I hate feeling that way.

The main thing is she has started peeing in her pants the past few days. Sometimes it is just a few drips and then she tells us she has to go and she does the rest on the potty. But quite a few times in the past few days it has been a complete mess. It is so aggravating because she didn't have accidents for like 3 weeks.

Despite all of that, we have had a lot of fun in between the accidents. These tough times are such a love/hate situation. I love these blessings more than anything, but get so frustrated at the same time. Lord help me. Jovie is just precious and she has started sitting up by herself some. She did it totally by herself on Tuesday night for about 5 seconds.

Haven thought Jovie might want to hold her.

Jovie's first night in regular pjs with a blanket early last week.

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