Friday, August 5, 2011

The winds of change are blowing

Haven climbed out of the crib yesterday at naptime and never took a nap. So last night was her first night without the crib. She was very excited about the freedom and she wouldn't lay in her toddler bed. So we put this twin mattress on the floor and she slept there. She only woke up a few times and went back to sleep fast. She woke up this morning and yelled for me to come get her. She was proud of herself for sleeping in the big bed.

Jovie loves playing with toys. She loves her new doll that makes sweet noises.

Lots of pottying has been going on. She is doing so great and it was so easy. Thank the Lord!

Jovie is having rice cereal once a day. This face means give me more!

Sweet girl!

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