Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I went to Rock Springs Campmeeting with friends from church when I was in late elementary through high school. It is a historic, social, religious event of the year in our area. People come for 2 weeks a year to stay in their family tents (wooden shacks that share walls and encircle the arbor). You get food and ice cream from the shack. You walk around the circle and stop to talk to people and swing a while. This year we went to one of the kid's services for Haven and our friend Lahna to dance a while. We then got some ice cream and hung out with friends. We will go back this week to get a good hamburger and hear some bluegrass music. This week (big week) they have church twice a day with local choirs singing from the Methodist churches in the area.

Jeremy and Haven outside at the arbor.

Jovie watching the kids dance and sing. They say if you put a baby's feet in the straw they will always come back to campmeeting.

Haven and Lahna dancing. They also enjoyed their cool treats and playing in the dirt with some other kids.


  1. What sweet, precious memories! My cousins had a tent at a local campground & I have SO many fond memories of going to Campmeeting with them as a child! Sawdust floors, box fans blowing, snow-cones & candy from the Stand, Big Sunday, visiting with friends, & wild rides on the rope swings! So glad that you get to introduce your kids to all that fun!

  2. I remember all to well going to the Balls Creek campground with my mom.