Monday, July 25, 2011

Notice anything different?

Haven's wearing panties! Over the past few months, she has used the potty, but she has never been bothered by a dirty diaper or told us she wanted to go. Last week, she took off her diaper and went to the potty. Later that day, she did #2 in the potty. So, we got up the courage and have put her in panties since last Wednesday. She has only had 3 accidents. She is wearing a diaper at nap and nighttime. She was a little shocked by her initial #2 in the potty and has refused to do that again. She has just gone in her diaper at naptime. Any suggestions?

She is telling us when she needs to go and sometimes I just take her if it has been a while. YAY! I haven't even been phased by changing double diapers the past few months, but it will be nice not to buy two sizes of diapers!


  1. Go Haven!!!! I'm trying to convince Emilia that going to the potty is a good thing. She hasn't bought in yet. :)

  2. The girls sure are growing up so fast!! We miss yall! Hope all is well :)

  3. This may be a major "no-no", but I did offer rewards (call it a bribe, if you must) for using the potty (both #1 and #2, so there was no missing the fact that both went in the potty). Different things worked for each one of the kids. M&M's (only 1 to avoid "sugar dependency";)) worked for one child, stickers worked for another - in fact, I let her put her stickers on the training potty, that particular potty was covered with stickers when it finally retired. My opinion is that it worked to attach value to a positive action. Haven's such a beautiful, smart little girl -they both are!- and you are blessed, my friend!!!

  4. Way to go Haven!! Drew is not showing any signs of being interested in potty training...he will tell me when he goes poo-poo in his diaper, but he also doesn't care much about being changed. We also did the rewards (1 jellybean for #1 & 2 for #2) with our older kids & it worked fairly well. My best advice is just patience & wait until they are ready! Sounds like you are doing great!