Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Haven

Jeremy and I took Haven to Chickfila and Tony's Ice Cream last Friday. We hadn't been with Haven without the baby, so we thought it was time to give her our undivided attention. She seemed to enjoy it, but I think she really enjoy sliding and her chocolate ice cream most of all. She is growing so fast. She finishes our sentences for us, tells us exactly where things are located (for example, "it's in my lipstick bucket", aka purse), and likes to get in the shower by herself. She is getting taller and has enjoyed getting new shoes because her feet have finally grown some.

She wanted to wear a costume today because we watched the MickeyMouseClubhouse episode about a costume party at Pete's house. She has grown a lot since October. She loved the pockets.

Yesterday morning she had an award winning tease. It was business in the front with a party in the back for sure.

This is for Layla. We miss you already friend. We can't wait until we can skype and see you. We are going to come up with silly pictures to "play" virtually with Layla while she lives across the ocean.

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