Saturday, July 9, 2011

For the girls

I bought these cute, cheap rugs at our big blue store yesterday that I thought would be perfect for the bathroom upstairs. This is a horrible picture at 10pm, but one is pink with red squares and one red with orange squares.

Haven has started using the potty up there some so I thought it was time to do something to it. We have lived here 5.5 years and I haven't done a thing to that bathroom. I found a canvas and empty frame in our attic and decided to paint a quick picture for the girls. Haven loves balloons so I thought that would be the perfect subject for the painting.

The painting job isn't perfect but it was fun, fast, and easy for me. I think Haven will like it.


  1. Very cute!! Love the colors & your artwork is PERFECT! I love how simple it is & so cute, what a fantastic idea!! I am sure the girls will cherish it!

  2. Love the painting! Super cute!

  3. Love the painting! Super cute!