Friday, June 17, 2011

From my sister's camera

Here are pictures from the last month or so from my sister's perspective. She came over and took a few of Jovie at 2 months old in her cute owl stuff from Ally Surratt. I need to get one of these framed.

The girls enjoyed a popsicle during Jovie's photoshoot.

Our little cousins, Jonah and Jobe, turned 1. To celebrate the big kids had a blast in the hot tub. Haven talked about it for weeks. She loved being with her big cousins in "Izzy's little pool."

We had a family reunion for my dad's mom's side of the family. Most of these people live in the Charlotte area.

We went to pick strawberries at Patterson Farm and had a blast. We watched a puppet show, fed animals, had a tractor ride, planted a bean, picked strawberries, played on the playground, and had a picnic. It was so fun.

Sawyer and Jovie
Haven, Stella, and Bethany
Picking strawberries. They were delicious.

Haven was ready for nap and didn't want to be a sheep. Oh well.


  1. Yay for summer & popsicles & fun!
    Loooove the cute pics of Jovie in the little owl suit & hat...too cute!!