Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The past few weeks

Aunt Lyndsey came to visit a few Saturdays ago. Haven loved having her here.

Jovie sat with us for dinner for the first time in the highchair. She enjoyed herself.

Libby came to visit Jovie. Layla came to visit Haven. Amber came to visit me. Perfect!

This past Saturday we went to our 3rd NICU picnic. It was so nice to see some of Haven's nurses from the hospital and also to see some of the kids we know growing up so big and strong. Haven loved the bouncy house.
Haven and Daddy riding the train around Independence Park.

Haven's imagination has gone wild. I love hearing her play with her toys. She set this tea party up for her toys all by herself yesterday. Jeremy and I were impressed.

I gave Haven her 3rd haircut two Saturdays ago. Here are the before and after pictures. It was really long when combed out and wet. However, the sides are still short and it was getting a little ratty.
Here is the only after pictures I have been able to snap of her. She runs around so fast and I can't catch a good shot.


  1. Jovie may have Lyndsey's eyes/eyebrows. Cute!

  2. ooh you think so?? i'll have to take a closer look next time! love those precious girls!