Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday, we visited Zootastic in Troutman. We had a great time learning so much about all of their animals, playing, and having a picnic. They have lots of farms animals, a camel, emus, ostriches, llamas, alpacas, tigers, monkeys, leimers, kangaroos, birds, a baby bear, chinchillas, and many more. Haven got to pet a lot of them and feed them. We really enjoyed the tour and then we got to run around and see our favorite things again. It was the perfect time to go because lots of babies had just been born. They lost a lot of their roofs in the tornadoes recently, but luckily no animals were injured.

Haven enjoyed petting the chicks.
This baby had just been born Thursday. The ostriches had a lasting impact on Haven because of how fast they could peck her bowl of food.Dally, the lamb, was our tour guide's "baby." She is raising it because the mom rejected her.The baby bear was our favorite. It was cute.
Haven loved spending time with her daddy.
Jovie and I enjoyed ourselves too. She slept and ate. I was the photographer.

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  1. Sounds like a really fun day! Glad you guys got to spend some time together!